Bill Corkren


Bill Corkren is the CEO and founder of Corkren Insurance LLC. After graduating from Tennessee Temple University in 1995, Bill managed a local business in the Birmingham area before embarking on a career in insurance in 1999. Bill started his  Read More

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Regina Barnes

Office Manager

Regina Barnes is the Office Manager at Corkren Insurance, where she has worked for the past six years, with over 15 combined years of experience in the insurance industry. Her knowledge and understanding of the people in the community enable  Read More

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Greta Denson


Greta Denson has over 8 years of combined experience in the insurance industry, and has been working for Corkren Insurance for the past two years. Greta is a licensed agent for Corkren Insurance LLC.

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Maribel Moreno

Customer Service

Maribel has been with Corkren Insurance since 2011 and is a customer service representative. She speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

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Roger Patterson

Customer Service

Roger joined the Corkren Insurance team in June 2013 as a Customer Service Representative.

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